The Crafty Entrepreneur - Your guide to selling artwork and crafts online

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As Co-founder and Lead Instructor for the JB Media Institute, Sarah Benoit leverages her years of experience as a digital marketing strategist to create timely, relevant, and engaging training content. Sarah speaks, trains, and presents on digital marketing topics at conferences and events throughout the year in the Southeast and beyond.

She is also a graduate of the Hive Global Leaders program. Images are an essential tool in conveying your perspective and standing out in our visually driven world.

Use strategic exercises to determine your unique entrepreneurial story and learn how to communicate it through photography that best showcases you, your work, and your values. Join noted Asheville photographer and craft publishing veteran Nicole McConville to explore accessible DIY tips that will improve your approach to image creation and your finished results. Determine when and how to work with a professional. Whether you are a maker, baker, or creative troublemaker, this workshop dives deeply into the WHY as much as the HOW to prepare entrepreneurs to think about visuals in a way that is empowering and practical.

Nicole McConville is an Asheville-based photographer offering a wide range of services, including portraits, food and beverage, product photography and business identity, and more. Her previous career in lifestyle book publishing helped inform her interdisciplinary approach and commitment to shine a bright spotlight on and support creative individuals and communities. Photo by Nicole McConville. Ready to take the next step in growing your online business?

This workshop will show you how to use proven strategies to increase your sales, build brand loyalty, and engage customers using Shopify. Discover tools and techniques to motivate your new and existing customers, as well as resources to automate your marketing processes. We'll also demonstrate how to increase sales by integrating your store with additional marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

Learn how to build an exceptional shopping experience that will delight your customers, while keeping your focus on what you do best: creating beautiful and unique products. Attendees will receive an unlimited free trial to Shopify normally days. Jesse Michel With the ability to design layouts and interfaces and the technical knowledge required to implement them in code, Jesse possesses a somewhat unique cross-section of skills.

As a designer and front-end developer at PRC Applications — a local web and mobile applications firm specializing in eCommerce — his main focus is the implementation of front-end features for interaction, primarily on the Shopify and Wordpress platforms. Coming from an art and design background, Jesse loves to explore new ways to bring unique and engaging online shopping experiences to customers through compelling content and interactivity.

He loves to design creative solutions to complex problems building Shopify stores, Wordpress sites, and native Mobile Apps for clients across the world. Patrick is an advocate for open source software, public data, government transparency, and community-driven solutions. This 2-day workshop teaches artisans how to utilize Etsy, an online global e-commerce platform for handmade goods, to successfully grow their business. It hasn't always been easy, but it continues to bring me great joy and satisfaction. I then purchased an existing blog business, and almost overnight, started making more money than I had in my previous job.

Tara, one of our most successful business instructors here at CreativeLive, has successfully gone from selling her services, to packaging them into digital products for her clients. It's helped her significantly scale her business, and now she teaches a class about how to turn your services into a product. It took me the ensuing five years to understand the lesson in her passing.

Effectively Selling Your Original Paintings, Sculptures and Handmade Crafts

Life is too short to do something you don't love. She had been a maverick in her field, an Oscar winning actress who knew at age 7 what she wanted. It took me a bit longer. However, I was still frustrated that I was not in charge of my day and my decisions. When I asked my manager for time off, she said I didn't have it. I said I did, and dug my heels in. Arguing with your manager when you need your job is never wise.

I walked out. I launched immediately while taking up side jobs supervising a catering kitchen and teaching busy professionals aka potential clients for my interior design practice during evening education programs. I worked 15 hour days, 6 days a week, because I wanted to. I couldn't wait to get up, and hated to go to bed at night. I was totally on fire.

Today, I design both home and business environments, while also advising the business and lifestyles that go on inside of them.

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You will meet with unexpected success. When I was young, I wanted them but couldn't afford them. Then I realized, if I ordered them for my friends and became a distributor, I could get mine for free.

So at the age of 12, I started a poster distribution business out of my bedroom. I had a lot of freedom to express my ideas after all, ideas are what a magazine thrives on. But still Upon further examination, I arrived at three facts:. I've been an entrepreneur pretty much my entire professional career. You have to overcome the fear, and it's a lot of work, but the rewards are fantastic. After checking into different businesses, I actually won a camera, so that sealed the deal for a photography business. I built that business by moonlighting for a few years until the income surpassed my corporate job and then went full-time.

Even though it was painful to leave my corporate security, I am forever grateful that I did, because it led to a life and business I love! I knew that I didn't want my boss's job, any of the other senior management roles, or to work more to hour days. I also knew I didn't want to sacrifice my quality of life, and regret not living. I brainstormed which skills I could build upon, and what people needed.

Creativity Counts

At the time, my friends were searching for more career direction, so I offered minute career clarity sessions. I booked 4 sessions and got my first three clients. Instead, I wanted to leverage my corporate experience to help small business owners build their sales processes, and develop winning sales systems that could stand the test of time. Kids can just sell lemonade on the front porch and people give them money?

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I was blown away. The line of kids reached the end of the block. However, the artists provide the scans of their own work, because scans are something they need for their own archives. If you've got a piece that's got a high gloss coating or a resin, that's a little tricker, but for the majority of works on canvas or paper, it's pretty easy.

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Helice Wen, via Spoke Art. Reproducing work on t-shirts or mugs means that a single work can bear fruit indefinitely. However, some galleries like Spoke, opt for a limited edition model on many of the works they represent. The effect is much like that of a limited time offer—creating a sense of scarcity and urgency is an excellent marketing tactic.

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For Ken, however, the decision to limit print runs goes deeper:. Things that are special should be treated like they're special. While we may be able to make more money selling things as an open edition and selling as many as we possibly can, I think that by offering our works as limited editions really helps add to the value of the art.