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That the risk of failure is greater you would think it would be less? Also, even if a pattern does exist, it seems like there's a causation-correlation problem there. Who's to say that those people that display greater self control at an early age don't tend to be more mature than their peers, quite literally and on a cellular level?

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Enthusiasts of not only social engineering but of believing they are superior is the real problem. Good thing life is so diverse. I would like to see the study done on a broad population. For example, what are the epigenetic effects when an entire nation or country rises, forcibly, from the third world to the first?

What was the epigenetic effect of Stalinist industrialization, taking millions of peasants and forcibly educating them and turning them into industrial workers, on the nations of the former Soviet Union? The same questions should be asked about the populations of South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore; as well as Malaysia; and ongoing, Indonesia. I have always supported mass forced education of a populous and the industrialization of nations, but I have also always believed that a shift in a single generation from peasant to industrial worker, without having the experience of a extremely destructive war either before or after industrialization causes among the population a type of wide spread schizophrenia.

The experience of by force a move from a peasant lifestyle to that of a regimented industrial worker causes people to live in away that they would not otherwise choose and that experience leaves them uncertain of the "reason" and "effect" of their behavior. The effect of a war is that it clarifies the necessity of regimentation and reduces all decision to black or white. Without a war, I am not clear, other than by the passing of generations, how it is peasants come to terms with modernity.

I agree--and yet I recognise that there are many factors. Especially when taking into account the noisiness and semi-arbitrariness of each of the measurements.

What does 'No good deed goes unpunished' mean?

High and low status can be defined in whatever way suits the researcher and I doubt the measurement of self-control is really that precise. In this same magazine I've read multiple accounts of how "most published science is probably false", at least in disciplines like Medicine, Social Science, Finance.

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There is a lot of conclusion-drawing going on in this article and among the comments based on a data set with huge scatter. There are statistical methods for testing the validity of the straight lines based on fitting subsets of the data.

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You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. It may be disheartening to be assigned more responsibilities because you set yourself apart from your peers by doing good—but doing right is never the wrong decision. Today, those who stand out are often cut down. Society attempts to teach us that no good deed goes unpunished.

Bradley Birkenfeld exposed massive tax evasion in offshore banks, and was jailed for his efforts.

In the end, no good deed will go unrewarded. David Hicks is the managing editor, graphic designer and a contributing writer for Discern magazine.

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In addition, he provides graphics and illustrations for other areas of need within the Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Continue Reading. Is the cost of doing good worth the reward?

Is there even a reward? Beware the tall poppy syndrome.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

So is it worth it? Threatened by good Jesus Christ set countless examples of doing good. All of these acts were acts of good! Jesus stood above the rest. No good deed goes unrewarded Jesus Christ understood that His good works as a servant and a teacher of the truth would cause Him to be hated, and that those who strive to follow His example would be hated as well John But He also knew good deeds come with a reward. The Bible talks about both a free gift and a reward.

We need to understand both. But in the future, God promises a wonderful reward for good deeds motivated by godly love.