Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects

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Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects Excerpt King's-Causey; and a little after this deponent saw the said Edward also go down the King's-Causey; and after that, this deponent did not see the said Elizabeth, nor the said child till she saw them lie dead. By me W.

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Coron, Commit, praedict. THE said Edward Mangall did confess, that he did murder the said Elizabeth Johnson alias Ringrose, upon the fourth day of September instant, in a close nigh to King's Causey, he being asked the reason, said the Devil put him upon it, appearing to him in a flash of lightning; but denied that he medled with William Johnson alias Ringrose, the child. Taken the 10th of Sept. Cujus generis duo sunt ex multis exempla, sed maxima.

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Quod neglectum cum caveri poterat, post acceptam illam maximam cladem explicatum est. Often even in battles have the Gods of the woods been heard to speak, and in troublesome times, when the affairs of governments have gone wrong, and been in disorder and turmoil, voices have been known to steal upon the ears of persons, that came as it were from a corner, but they knew not whence, and told them important truths.

Of which kind there are out of a great many, two examples, and those indeed very rare and extraordinary. For not long before the city was taken, a voice.

Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects - John Aubrey, Sir Thomas Browne - Google книги

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Donne's reply was, " I cannot be surer that I now live than that I have not slept since I saw you ; and am as sure, that at her second appearing, she stopped, and looked me in the face, and vanished. Donne's opinion the next day, for he then affirmed this vision with a more deliberate, and so confirmed a confidence, that he inclined Sir Robert to a faint belief that the vision was true.

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It is truly said that desire and doubt have no rest, and it proved so with Sir Robert, for he immediately To know the thing I know not yet, That I may see The man that shall my husband be; How he goes, and what he wears, And what he does all days and years. Donne to be his companion in that journey.


And this desire was suddenly made known to his wife, who was then with child, and otherwise under so dangerous a habit of body, as to her health, that she professed an unwillingness to allow him any absence from her ; saying, Her divining soul boded her some ill in his absence ;. I will shortly provide for you both place and time to do it ;' and then he vanished away out of my sight.

Lucky and Unlucky. Blows invisible. Transportation by an invisible Power. Visions in a Beryl or Crystal.

Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects

Corpscandles in Wales. An accurate account of SecondSighted Men in Scotland. Additaments of SecondSight. Page - I could not presently learn what the matter was ; at last a young man told me that they were looking for a coal under the root of a plantain, to put under their heads that night, and they should dream who would be their husbands. It was to be found that day and hour.

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