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Our gross margin was Net Loss.

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A note from Wefunder. Financial analysis is not as useful when there is limited data. It's more important to predict the size of the future market. If the founder achieves their vision, will enough customers pay the company enough money? It's also common for fast-growing startups to lose money even faster: they are investing in future growth. Amazon is a famous example of re-investing potential profits to maximize growth over 20 years. Minds Inc Financial Statements- Minds Inc.

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Financial Statments v2. Financial Statements- Reviewed. Risks 1 Global markets for the Company's offering are highly competitive and subject to rapid technological change. Any interruption in the availability of these services could have material negative impact on our ability to deliver service to users, as well as the profitability of these operations. Interruptions could occur due to both Internet outages as well as policy changes or terms violations according to these third parties.

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Our long-term vision is to extract all third party hosting requirements in order to become independently sustainable. Future operations depend on Minds' ability to generate revenue and user growth. While Minds may consider funding its business in the future through a combination of debt and equity financing, there can be no assurance that such additional financing will be obtained. There is no guarantee that, even with significant subsequent cash infusions, the Company will break even or generate positive cash flows. As such, it is likely that the company will not make the same progress as it would if that were not the case.

Mark Bousquet , Daniel A. Nicholson , Fabian Davis , and 9 others. Minds explodes in Vietnam in quest for Internet freedom I wanted to point you all to some significant recent press coverage of us this month, which has been our highest active user month to date. Techcrunch feature! Minds - A new realm of social media Check out this great recent writeup of Minds on Trendjackers! Minds featured in San Francisco Chronicle!

We will be in touch with everyone about rewards and follow-up as soon as we can. Keep spreading the word We will be in touch soon! Thank you! Great recent article on Minds! Mark Bousquet. Daniel A. Fabian Davis. I am just a person looking for financial freedom,with the aim of living life to the fulliest.

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Chairman and co-founder, Minds Inc. Executive Chairman, Solix Technologies Inc. Steven Lee Myatt. Bill Ottman. Irena Lebed. Jessica Danielle Rimann-Jenkins. Trung tam - yen truong - truong yen - chuong my - ha noi - viet nam. Sean Hanagan. I'm a corporate immigration lawyer interested in start up crowdfunding opportunities. Jay Harbst. Paul McCullough. John Zambrowicz.

Mathiew Estepho. We are a growing digital educational environment on anything and everything. We only invest in companies that have FreeSpeech as one of their core principles. Trevor Schlusemann. John Aguilar. I'm a welder working for spurs sports and entertainment, I have been with for 13 years. I want to get in with a good start up ,and possibly retire early. Baire Alonso. Otto Rudeger. Paul Nguyen.

Join the network of Global speaking out and taking action to solve the world's biggest challenges. Angelique Guerrero. Ric Ken Beeblebrox. Denise Hendrikx. Merle Waisanen. Jeroen Eeuwes.