Little Mother Rose and the Bearer of Great Seed

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In her mind she knew if she did not see Jesus no one could console her. She replied I know he will rise again on the last day. Jesus would have asked to see her without the crowd gathered at their house.

Even the greatest creations start with small seeds

Martha then would have gone home to get Mary. Jesus stayed where Martha met Him.

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Martha went to Mary and whispered to her that the Master was on his way but would like to see you before he gets to their house which was said to be filled with well wishers. We could imagine Martha briefing Mary about her conversation with Jesus and all that was said.

Pedigree pays off in seeds of fortune

Especially the part about their brother rising again which she did not understand. Mary went to meet Jesus. From experience one always finds that you try to remain strong in front of well-wishers but there is someone that you allow yourself to breakdown in front off. Such a person for Mary was Jesus. Upon arriving at the place where Jesus was Mary fell at His feet and the tears just flowed afresh.

To Mary death meant the end, once dead that is the end. Jesus asked to be taken to the grave. He followed Mary and was led to where Lazarus was buried. The mourners who followed Mary were talking among themselves that ah why did He not come in time.

He was supposed to be their friend after all. Jesus heard all their comment but ignored them. Everyone including Martha said it was up to four days and the body will be smelly now. Jesus repeated remove the stone. I told you if you believe you would see the Glory of God. Remove the Stone so they obeyed Him and removed the stone. Jesus gave the command untie him and before them stood Lazarus as fresh as ever.

Some would have fallen at Jesus feet and declared Jesus is Lord while some plotted. So people of God which one of us is like Martha? When they got to the grave the same Martha that He told and who replied with great faith Lord I believe you are the Son of God, I believe you are the Messiah the one who is to come.

At that point one will think her faith complete yet when they got to the grave and Jesus said open the grave she replied Lord it is four days now and if we open it will be smelly. She has quickly forgotten her declaration of faith "You are the Messiah, You are the Son of God and I believe" When it came to time to let her believe do the work, time to show her faith she showed that she had no faith and showed she did not understand what she was saying.

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We are all Martha in many ways, quick to declare our faith, but when it is time to prove our faith in the Lord, time for action, we fail. When we are faced with the impossible, when we are standing by the graveside when the body is rotten that is time to show that we believe He can do anything. When the situation is looking hopeless and there is an outward sign that nothing thing can actually go right again this is the time our faith should be the strongest. The time to show Jesus is Lord. People of God it is time to remove the stone, remove the stone of unbelief, the stone of doubt, the hardness of the heart, the anxiety, the worry.

Jesus is telling you today to remove the stone and allow a miracle to happen in your life. Do not be like Martha who thinks if the stone was remove the place will be smelly or situation will be worse. So today all ye Marthas remove the stone of fear, worry, doubt despair etc Remove the stone from whatever stands as a grave in your life and let the Glory of God manifest in your life today. The grave stands for whatever we think is impossible in your life.

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And if you remove the stone and believe you will surely see the Glory of God. That thing you believe to be impossible will become possible. All you have to do is remove the Stone and trust in the Lord. In our prayer let us ask God to remove the stone from our heart so we can trust in Him completely. This teaching like all the other powerful words of God poured out through the mouth of God's servant, Sr.

Stella-Maris is worth remembering.

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It is for the benefit of those who came late, who were not listening or not present that I have decided to write it out. The teaching began with God's creation of everything that was made. That all the creatures created by God increased and multiplied as God said. That the forests have always their trees from generation to generation. The trees have also never ceased to exist. That all that God created was set in its proper place, and as has remained in its proper place, except MAN. For this, man is living cursed life. God did not create us to be struggling beings, to struggle to survive.

Man was not made to labour or suffer. In spite of the millions of years of living this miserable life, man has still not accepted the Kingdom of God. Then, God sent His Son to give us hope; to get, that which was lost after sin, to give us the offer of eternal life where we will get our lost hope. Many of us have refused to accept this offer.

We are still going about in our waywardness of heart. We say we know God but our hearts are far from Him. We prefer the hearts of stone so that the Lord cannot write on them; so that the words of God cannot take root. It is this lost Kingdom that the Lord came to preach about. We were then asked how many of us have accepted the message of eternal life. People read the bible everyday and yet there is no change in them. Then this illustration was given: When you put a seed of corn in the soil, after a few days, there is a change.

As the planted seed takes something down, something else is coming up. The seed dies, to bring out a new plant. This illustration is to bring out the following facts:. The old "you" must be gone for the new self to multiply. If we say, "yes" to God, what are the signs to prove this?

Our stubborn-heartedness, our greed, our pursuits of worldly things, the lying, gossiping, fornication, slandering, still remain. We make a change in one direction, and take on another vice in another direction. If you do not change, the Kingdom of God has no place in you. From now onwards, look at the changes in your life. If you are still at the germinating stage after all these years, then there is something wrong with you.

The seed germinates, brings the leaves, the stalk, and the leaves increase and the stalk gets thicker and thicker.