Camino en la oscuridad (Spanish Edition)

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Send us your feedback. By using the site you agree to our privacy settings. Nell' epdemia difterica, and Congedo. Introduction and Spanish translation by Luis Arena. This copy on P.

FEAR OF THE DARK EN ESPAƑOL (Iron Maiden cover) Leandro Hladkowicz f. Cesar Ambrosini [La Oscuridad]

Illustrated by Raoul Veroni with two small woodcuts. Text in Italian and Spanish. Translated from Italian by Tulio Carella.

"sleepwalking" in Spanish

Only four were completed. In this poem, the poet imagines a summer day with his beloved. Gabriel D'Annunzio - was a poet, novelist, dramatist, short-story writer, journalist, military hero, and political leader, a leading writer of Italy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tulio Carella was a playwright, journalist, and poet as well as translator. Housed in cardboard slipcase. Includes six etchings including one signed and one vignette. Italian and Spanish on facing pages. Illustration by Raoul Veroni. A printing of Giacomo Leopardi's - poetry in a bilingual edition of Italian and Spanish with illustrations by Raoul Veroni.

Leopardi lived an internal life. During his early creative period his health broke down. He developed a cerebrospinal condition that afflicted him all his life. He had problems with his sight and eventually became blind in one eye. Even so, he became for some the greatest Italian poet since Dante. Uribe was a civil engineer, art critic and writer. A poet himself, Uribe often translated others poetry into Spanish. Typeset by Emilio Colombo.

Illustrated by Raoul Veroni with 3 etchings one signed; 2 etched vignettes. Printed by Basilio Uribe. Of the edition of Dark blue paper wraps. Tulio Carella was a playwright, journalist, and poet as well a translator. Woodcuts by Raoul Veroni. Edition of 33 copies: Baldi was winner of the Slang Poets Circle competition in Oda al viento solo y extendido del sur durante el mes de mayo [Ode to the wind Pamphlet bound in glassine wraps.

Edition of 29, numbered: This is a small edition of four sonnets of Hector Dante Cincotta - ,Argentine poet and essayist.

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But Cincotta has also imbibed local influences in the city of La Plata, 45 miles south of Buenos Aires, where he was born and educated, and where he has always lived with his wife and children. Dos poemas By Hector J.

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Puglia Buenos Aires, Argentina: Illustrated with 3 vignettes and a small woodcut, signed with the initials of the artist-printer. Letterpress printed on paper with watermark El Impresor The Printer. Illustrations by Raoul Veroni. Introduction and Spanish translations by Luis Arena of ten poems by Giacomo Leopardi - , considered by many to be Italy's foremost romantic poet. Edition in original Spanish.

Includes five lithographs and one vignette. Cover in typeset with woodcut.

Lecciones de la Oscuridad (Spanish Edition) eBook: Maria Lopez: Kindle Store

In heavy cardstock slipcase. During her life Alfonsina Storni published seven books of poetry: She was also published in a Poetic anthology that contained unpublished poetry. Storni ended her life by suicide in the waters of the Sea of the Silver after she became ill with cancer.

October 22, she sent the poem to the editorial office of La Nacion. This publication is a selection of her with illustrations by Raoul Veroni and an introduction by Oscar Hermes Villordo. Printing and woodcuts by Raoul Veroni. Sonnets of Hector Dante Cincotta - , Argentine poet and essayist, specially made for Christmas and bound for longtime friends of the poet.

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Letterpress printed by Veroni at Graphic Studio Senillosa. Laid in paper wraps with titles printed on wrapper. A small limited edition of sonnets by Hector Dante Cincotta printed for friends and dedicated to " A Maria Luisa Millan, sola y lejana.

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Hector Dante Cincotta, afterword: Letterpress printed and illustrated by Raoul Veroni with one lithograph and two woodcut vignettes. Text in Spanish only. This is the First of Rilke's Duino Elegies. From the Academy of American poets poets. His reputation has grown steadily since his death, and he has come to be universally regarded as a master of verse. Olivera - , an Argentinean, was a poet, essayist and translator.

Composed and printed by Raoul Veroni in his studio in Senillosa street. Of 21 numbered copies: Signed by poet and editor. Typeset and printed by Raoul Veroni. Illustrated by Raoul Veroni: Oscar Hermes Villordo - was an Argentine writer, novelist, short story writer, poet, and journalist.